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Ranting of 1:11AM

Reason I shouldn't have a cell fone: I constantly want to talk to everyone. ALL DAY LONG. NONSTOP. I AM A TEXTING MACHINE! And I love that I have 234923904234 people who are always willing to join me on my text wars. My phone is so my downfall.

Reason I should have a phone: I travel alone a lot, and I've gotten stuck on the freeway with out a cell phone, and let me tell you, it's not much fun. So, in case of an emergency it is good reason to have a phone.

Bad Mony: It would be just terrible if I were to need my phone for an emergency and it'd be dead from me constantly texting people.

In other news, school is still a blast. I might've finally found a job. I'll know on Tuesday. I'm most likely moving again in December cept this time I don't know where, or with who. I don't sweat the small details though so..anyway..

i wanna fuck life on music with you

ps. faggot, you're still a faggot. and now would it kill you to find out how i'm doing once in a while? hm? nope. you should do that, fag.
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