its Ms.Mony to you. (nothinq) wrote,
its Ms.Mony to you.

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This is my 5:25 in the morning..

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Nothing special.
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pretty picture...
thank you. :]
i took it when i was sitting outside on the sidewalk with my friend at that time. i love my friends that keep me up till morning. <3
u fell down again, didn't u?
tsss... *shakes head and picks u off the ground*

You need to sleep more.
psst... mony... i wanna play with you at 5 in the morning... why don't we call matty up and have some sort of wicked fun... that involves some sort of late night/early morning sha-nan-a-gins...
It's always fun!
the sun...its so shiny...but stangly atractive...thats right i decided to get off of myspace and pay a visite to my long lost livejournal...maybe ill even write in this thing for once...ya well just droped by to say hi and why havn't you put me as a friend on myspace???!!! well later

I put this on my comments in my last journal too...but this should be it...just add me as a friend...

I couldn't resist...I had to add you.

Much Love,