its Ms.Mony to you. (nothinq) wrote,
its Ms.Mony to you.


We could be friends.
Leave me a comment, and if you're cute enough...
I just might add you.

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i do you ho bag ;[
me too me too!!! its me james remember?uhhh hey thanks for signing off on me you jerk and if you wanna know why i dun write in LJ anymore JUST READ MY NEWEST LJ ENTRY ITS ALL THERE!!
you best add me
ok im quite idiotic and i tried to add you bu i ended up adding some person from canada by the last letter of your LJ name a "q"?
Hey Mony its Matt I have a livejournal now. Make me your friend... or else!
ok monica, take me off if u wish.
hey monica is bao-an nguyen from st. john's the baptist! hope you remember me, ask armando. well i saved u as a friend. i love your music taste!
you have lovely taste in music....
and i love your lj name
added you%)
now this is just fucking interesting.

btw..hi monita :x

*gasp* Jamie!


13 years ago


I added you.
pst, hey w0man ... add me or I'll never call you again ;x
I'm adding you.
mony. add me and i'll love you forever? ;]
very slick layout; looking forward to the rest. just set up my own soapbox, so there's not much to entertain just yet.
Hii Mony it's Porcelain Yin from Myspace.
ie Shannon
hey hun, add me! :D

xo, brenda.
add me please
eerrr.... dont add me?
bah.. well i dont know.. i just saw your comment on jamies journal and said what the hell.. ill just slip a comment on hers. so here it is.
thanks for the comment?
do you want to be my friend?



12 years ago

hey i saw your user name on myspace.. im "JAMIEE <3" lol so add me plz?


that is all. :)
Add it, bitch. -Branden